The Advantages Of Choosing Cover Styl'

It has never been easier to carry out a renovation project. Breathe new life into your furniture and interior surfaces thanks to Cover styl’, a highly cost-effective and low-maintenance vinyl covering that is both quick and easy to apply, offering additional benefits such as resistance to UV rays and fire.

TEXTURED - Our embossed patterns recreate an authentic and realistic feel


FAST - Air flow & Self-adhesive solution


QUALITY - From 200-350μ thick for a genuine result that can last longer than classical solutions 


STRETCHABLE - This solution is not only for flat surface installation, it can stretch up to 200% in order to adapt to many surfaces


CERTIFIED - In compliance with most of the required standards  


CUSTOMIZABLE - 100% printable


STYLE - Solution that allows you to keep up with fast moving trends


COST EFFICIENT - 50-70% cheaper than traditional renovation, for the same visual result


EASY - Installation with no massive building work


WARRANTY - 10 years guarantee against delamination, cracking and yellowing


WIDE-RANGE - Available in more than 1000 colours, textures and patterns


NON-STOP - No loss of revenue for your business – a renovated room in the morning can be rented in the afternoon


HYGIENIC - Easy to clean and maintain, anti-bacterial


LIMITLESS - You can renovate one item or more, as it is limitless


SOOTHING - Minimum disturbance, no smell, no noise, no moisture


FIRE-RATED - Moisture and heat resistant